Paper Decorations

We are offering Deco Fantasies 3D honeycomb products. There is a big range of  classic decorating products in our assortment to satisfy customer needs and convenience.

Standard assortment

We offer big assortment of standard 3D honeycomb paper decorations – unfolding fans, balls, hearts, bells, garlands, etc. Our products have variations of bright and eye-catching colours as well as inspirational and amusing designs that make fantastic impact on your party or event.

Customized assortment

Marketing intelligent companies constantly look for innovative solutions enabling them to decorate brand environments and relevant customer touch points through the use of material technologies that can deliver comfort and visual quality. Here is where Deco Fantasies really work their magic – they transform your value propositions into 3d unfolding paper decorations in a way that makes them compelling to your target audiences. We help you to shape your marketing campaign messages completely.

Please contact our sales department for further information.