One of the ways to achieve success and support is to surprise with something new and unique. To do this, we offer you:

Short-term design solutions
You will make your event special by ordering a room design that suits the style. We use high-quality decorative balloons, various volumetric paper decorations and other modern materials in our design. We design important events for private individuals (weddings, birthdays, etc.) as well as events for legal entities (company parties, product presentations, anniversaries, etc.).
Filling and distributing balloons
The strength of our company is the filling and distribution of large quantities of balloons. We can offer you the best solution for filling balls with both air and helium. At large events, it is more convenient to leave filling and distributing balloons related worries to us and let your employees deal with customer service.
Balloon filling equipment rent
We rent helium cylinder,  reducers and everything else you need to inflate the balloons.
Our selection includes 5L, 10L, 20L and 50L helium cylinders.
Retail and wholesale of paper decoration
We offer big assortment of standard 3D honeycomb paper decorations – unfolding fans, balls, hearts, bells, garlands, etc. Our products have variations of bright and eye-catching colours as well as inspirational and amusing designs that make fantastic impact on your party or event.